Already Qualified

If you already hold a diving certificate and want to dive somewhere new, or a bit more adventurous, we have a number of courses available to help you progress your diving.

In our experience, divers have either undertaken some sort of diving activity abroad or have learned here in the UK. There are also divers who haven't dived for some time and want to get back in the water. In any of these eventualities we would be pleased to help you progress and can offer refresher courses, or further your training whether you would like to come diving in the UK, or just want to brush up prior to your next holiday.

If you are looking at something a little more adventurous and want to venture a bit deeper or stay in a little longer, we are able to provide training to enable you to dive safely to wherever you wish to go with a whole range of equipment options to help you. Please see the 'Courses' page for further details.