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Poseidon Discovery Mk VI

The Poseidon Discovery Mk VI rebreather is a very exciting development for the diving world. It is targeted at the sport diving community and as such is light, and very easy to use. It uses your existing buoyancy device avoiding unnecessary expense and purchase of items you already own.

The most common misconception we hear about rebreathers is that they are only for deep diving. Whilst they certainly provide benefits for deep diving, they are actually in their sweet spot in the 20-40m range. Coincidentally this is within the sport diving depth range.

Poseidon have recognised this, and developed a rebreather specifically to cater for the diver who wishes to stay in a little longer without incurring decompression obligation, and also doesn't want to delve into whole subsets of how the unit works in order to be able to use it. Essentially, learning to dive using the Discovery Mk VI is possible without having to have had years of experience. The simplicity of the unit enables a diver who is just starting, or has little experience to learn to use one extremely simply and quickly.

The pre-dive checks are almost entirely performed without diver intervention, and if all systems check out, the unit is happy to dive and will check itself throughout the dive. If at any time it is unhappy with the results of its tests, it tells you to bail off the unit and ascend.

This is a huge change in approach, and will open rebreathers up to a much larger cross section of the diving community.

Carbon dioxide is removed from the breathing loop by a scrubber containing carbon dioxide absorbent granules. A  pre-packed scrubber canister is employed to minimise possible errors with the packing of the scrubber. This makes the scrubber easy and quick to renew.

The Discovery Mk VI has a built in open circuit regulator to enable the diver to 'bail out' of the unit and return to the surface safely in the event of a problem.

We offer the following courses for the Poseidon Discovery Mk VI
  • Try dive - if you would like to try the Discovery we can take you either to the pool or an open water site to try one and see if it's for you
  • Discovery Mk VI Air Diluent - this certifies you to use the Discovery Mk VI to 40m